Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Vision...

Was Rome and Taj Mahal built in day? If not, then how can India be? But every day counts in the building a nation….. so is every man.
I can understand today how easy it is to reconstruct Bharri. Every face counts…and every Bharrian.
My five point to make a Bharri developed:

1) Educate the society

2) Educate the agriculturist to adapt some non-conventional crops

3) Educate the people to fight against corruption

4) Educate the people about the importance of Education

5) Know their rights/works/responsibility towards the society

6) Use of RTI act etc...

Focus on Primary concern to make Developed Bharri

The primary concern is the person who grows crop should be educated. From the past, what people thought is agriculture means no education is required. That’s why today people in rural area are facing so many problems because they have been cheated by some of our rich people who give them money on high interest to invest in their agriculture. Today Father who grows crop does not want his son or daughter to become an agriculturist . Why? Because of money at all. Nobody wants to do anything to our society or its betterment. But we think that we have to take some responsibilities towards our society where we belong from. Today most of the people who are outside from the village working in different location whose parents were in agriculture they should have come forward and take some responsibilities for the betterment of our society.

In our village everything is not good, not high economic growth but our village has a strong education background has made it recognized in it's society. But how much this economic growth is benefiting our people who are living under Below Poverty Line (BPL). We think in our village only 10% are benefited from this growth. How we can call it as an economic growth when poor is still remains as poor who even don’t have the basic needs food and shelter. Youth should come forward to give some solution and to reduce the poverty in rural areas. Youth who are really capable of changing should be into Politics so that they can help rural India. We try to retains agriculturist as agriculturists itself. Otherwise one day we should even buy rice and wheat from other locations. We will be fighting for food and shelter.